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There are 3 things you need to have

Aaron McClure
2 min readMar 20, 2022


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There are three components that you need to maintain in order to keep healthy and have personal balance. No two can thrive without the third — and when one is suffering, the others are sure to follow.

They are:

  • A healthy body
  • A healthy mind
  • A healthy spirit

If we let our body metastasize with poor food choices, a lack of exercise, and overall neglect, we deprive ourselves of vital nutrients.

As science (and basic common sense) has proven, when our mind is lacking in proper nutrition, we do not think clearly. We struggle to get through the days. Sadly, we often turn to external stimuli to try and increase joy or to simply distract from the truth of our condition. This has the lovely effect of simply compounding the situation.

When the mind is compromised, it has difficulty in appreciating the beauty that is surrounding us in existence. We do not hear the birds singing or smell the flowers. The ability to find happiness and appreciation is compromised. Our personal balance is off.

We just become “here”, not taking in or contributing.

Our purpose on this Earth is to grow and learn and appreciate and when we do not provide ourselves that ability, our lives become the worst thing is could possibly be — to simply exist.

That is not living.

Sometimes the first step to actually living is to simply shut off the TV. Then take the second step to go for a walk.

Enjoy the sunshine and be healthy all.

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