Bad Dreams Die When We Wake Up

Good dreams come from the light

Aaron McClure
3 min readJan 22, 2022


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I’ve never fully believed that more, more, and even more was right. Lately it is becoming evident how little I care for the “dream”. Our dreams are meant to inspire us. Not to pull us from our ability to become fulfilled. Those would be called bad dreams.

There was an 80’s movie called “They Live” ( good fun, I recommend it) where the main character found glasses that allows him to see the consumeristic, controlled world as it is. Lately I feel like I too have found a pair of those specs.

I’ve stopped caring about the newest, latest, and greatest this and that. I no longer “dream” about that new(er) car. Nor do I want anything to do with “improving” my lifestyle (buying a bigger house and having more stuff).

We exchange our time to make money, then we go buy stuff which usually ends up in a landfill. I no longer want my time to become trash.

I woke up — and as we all do, when we wake up, our dreams of the night before disappear into the ether. We never/hardly ever remember those sometimes vivid fantasies our brains concocted.

The dreams I have now come from ambition, goals, and most importantly, they occur during the day when I can write them down and work on a plan to achieve them.

We get a lot more done when we are awake.

As mentioned in a previous article, I plan to eventually live on a boat. See below:

I choose this not because I feel a need to “show off” my boat/lifestyle, but to cut away all of the tethers. As I’ve continued to downsize, I am constantly reminded of the old life that I quit.

I had it all, but to be more apt, it “had” me.

Day dreams

These days, my aspirations and goals revolve around what I can do with my knowledge and skills. I do want to live on ma boat. That doesn’t mean I strive to meander around aimlessly.

I want to use my technical knowledge and natural ability to find creative ways to build things that enhance my fulfillment. Nothing makes me feel more happy than when I take two (or five or ten) things off the shelf, and combine them to create something useful.

Compact life aboard a boat allows plenty of opportunities to do just that. On land, these kinds of moments would rarely present themselves. By placing myself into a lifestyle such as that of living on the water, unique challenges will become part of daily life.

What better way to grow your mind and spirit?

To be separated from the noise of daily life and to be allowed to focus free from the typical mundane “to-do” list world has its perks.

The ridiculousness of this world revolving around consumerism and compulsion by the masses to continually acquire grows more tiring by the day. I’m just glad I was able to wake up from those bad dreams before I allowed them to bury me.

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