Fauxcitement, Fauxnergy, Fauxthusiam

Whatever you wanna call it, content creators are being forced to become fakes

Aaron McClure
3 min readAug 27


Content creators
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Has anyone else noticed how excited and charged up so many of our content creators are when it comes to things they are discussing? I for one am increasingly annoyed at the phony enthusiasm they try to sell us — but it’s not their fault…

I too spend a good amount of time online and understand the ins and outs of internet marketing. You have to be upbeat, enthusiastic, higher than normal energy, and above all, confident in what you’re putting out there. I get it.

However, when do the masses become so accustomed to this energy field that they stop reacting or feeling compelled to jump to action.

At one point, early internet users knew nothing (or very little) about calls to action. They used to readily fill out the pop-up so they could save 10% on their current purchase and get added to the exclusive email list. These days, we simply excuse it and look for the “X” and when we can’t find it, we leave.

As mentioned in a previous article, I said that internet users are no longer interested in how the sausage is made, they just want their answers and to get out.

The content creator has had to continuously make adjustments to their presentation. If you were once a blogger, you had to start doing videos. If you did videos, you had to jump on the next picture or short play video app.

Each of these platforms usually comes with the inevitable need to sell merchandise or some affiliate links. There’s no harm in that. We’ve all done it — don’t we all have Amazon affiliate accounts (among others)?

Content creation takes time and does deserve compensation.

Without content creators, we have no real internet. We only have an advanced form of the Yellow Pages. Content creators make the internet a colorful place to be. Without them, it’s like a city with no art… Or a male teacher’s



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