How Apple Forces Us to Adapt

Why those unpleasant updates are a good thing

Aaron McClure
2 min readJan 7, 2022


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Those of us with iPhones know of the looming terror that comes from the typical software update. We wonder what is going to change and if we can hold off on the update. However, the site of that little red notification dot lurks, it is uncomfortable.

It’s no secret that these updates can somethings take away a certain convenience in lieu of another. Who among us is willing to forget/even forgive when they switched the Safari setup from stack to tile?

Putting the raging anger aside, the updates that they send out are often inconvenient but necessary to make way for better operations in one way or another.

An apple a day

Life should be the same way as an iPhone update. Every few months we should all strive to make some small improvement that will have lasting positive results.

Instead of candy, we should reach for fruit. Rather than try to maximize our day into the late hours of the night — call it quits at a reasonable hour and learn how early rising can benefit you.

iPhones and their consistent interfaces bring us comfort. It is when they slightly alter their operation that we get annoyed, simply because we are forced to be uncomfortable for a little while until we adapt to the changes.

We all became comfortable with the headphone jack, Apple made us learn to accept bluetooth technology. Now we like it, we are no longer tethered.

Keep your AirPods clean BTW…

Comfort is where ambition goes to die. Discomfort presents us opportunity to grow.

Life requires us to leave the comfort zone and to take change head on. We should embrace those little alterations that we encounter and celebrate how they can help us improve ourselves.

After all, the operating system you know, love, and are familiar with came from countless uncomfortable updates.

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