How We All Helped Jeff Bezos Do Something Great

An icon got a collective gift from us all

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In October , the world watched as William Shatner — Captain Kirk — THE Captain Kirk flew on Blue Origin to the edge of space. I watched this and felt nothing but joy. Here is a man who helped bring Gene Roddenberry’s ideas and hopes for mankind’s future to life on television.

Now, as a reward for carrying the mantle of a the famous television Starship Captain for 50–60 years, he received the gift so few could ever dream of.

From what is reported, Jeff Bezos is a fan of Star Trek.

We all chipped in

Love it or hate it, Amazon is a successful enterprise. It provides service around the globe and actually does have a platform that many have developed wealth through.

Given the extreme wealth that this business creates, it wouldn’t be difficult for the powers that be to just simply place the money into some other earthly endeavor. Instead, they looked to the stars as a path for growth.

Love him or hate him, Bezos essentially took a small bit from all of us who utilize his business(s) and gave a gift on our behalf to William Shatner.

Who else but?

Star Trek has become known for it’s inspiration of a great many who did pursue careers in science. To prove that point even further, In 1976 NASA unveiled the Shuttle Enterprise., After a significant plea from the Trek community, Gerald Ford elected to change the original name from Constitution to Enterprise.

It was only a test glider to study the characteristics of the now well known shuttle design.

…And who do you think was invited for the unveiling…?

That’s right, the original cast of Star Trek.

NASA has been connected with the Trek community for decades.

It was an inspirational moment when reality finally caught up a little with science fiction. It was emotional to watch Shatner react to actually being in space. Like witnessing someone open a truly thoughtful gift on Christmas day and to well up with tears knowing how much it meant.

Regardless of the optics (and how many think that there are better things to do with those kind of resources), he actually went there.

Our world famous Captain was gifted the greatest adventure we currently have available. For being able to say I was part of that, I’m happy to click “add to cart”.

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