I appreciated your take on a minimalist life. Especially in the pursuit of the digital nomad lifestyle.

Not sure if you had the chance to see "Up in the Air" with George Clooney. It wasn't a major smash hit but I still enjoyed it. In that movie, he lived as a traveling consultant and he had a side hustle where he taught people to imagine everything that they have in their lives in a backpack. Then he'd ask them to imagine the weight of it all and how it could all hold you down. The exercise was similar to what you have postulated in that the less you have the less burden you have to carry.

I can relate to that. I too just gave up the large luxury life to enjoy one of less. I now have a smaller home with less clutter. It is truly freeing I can tell you that.

If I may I'd like to add my article on happiness that touches base on a lot of your points. I think it will compliment yours rather well. The link to it is here:


Thanks again for your works.


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