It’s Your Fault

Well, mostly anyway

Aaron McClure
3 min readJul 29


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We all have our problems. Some are worse than others. As an adult, we do our best to minimize them. That’s sort of the deal. We use our experience acquired to lessen future headaches-n-such. Just remember who is actually at fault.

I’ve been recently reminded of a saying I came up with years ago.

“Most of your problems are self inflicted.”

After recently listening to a friend and the struggles they were/are having, I was becoming exhausted. It was one thing after the next and it kept getting worse. All I could hear was how the “world” was against “them”. It was actually quite amazing that someone could make the wrong choice so consistently.

No one has that bad of luck. If the world is against you — you must be actively working against it.

You may have heard the joke about the man who arrived home to his wife who was in complete panic. She said, “oh dear I was so worried, I thought the worst. There was a maniac driving the wrong way down the interstate”. The rattled man replies, “ONE?! THERE WERE HUNDREDS!”.

Ever since I heard this joke I’ve used it as a tool. I hear people complain and bitch about life and how they are constantly fighting everything. They have nothing but problems and yet continue to drive the wrong way thinking they’ll eventually change the flow of traffic to suit them.

Life is truly difficult for those who choose to ignore the flow. They often get into bad situations and instead of looking within for areas where they could have made a better choice and then making corrections, they look outward for a place to point the finger of blame.

Most of your problems are self inflicted. Once we establish that, then we can move to the next conclusion; Most of your fortunes are of your own making. So how do we move from problems to fortunes?

Transitioning from one to other is not an overnight process. Not everyone will have the same path available. However, they all must make a particular mental adjustment — and that is to become accustom to taking responsibility.

When I was an unruly teen and young adult, like everyone in my age group, I struggled with problems. Eventually, I…



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