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Aaron McClure
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This all started a couple years ago. I wanted to make a nice side income by doing something online. Haven’t we all? After countless hours of reading, learning, and bunch of trial and error, I found out where to make actual money with little actual time — the stock market.

The wealthiest people in the world make their money there and I figured it’s best to follow those who know what they’re doing. I learned a little about Warren Buffett, Charlie Monger, and a few big shots from the 80’s/90's and started to pick up some tips and tricks.

At the beginning of the year I spend a couple grand on some Tesla stock when it was only $130. I saw that it was peaked out from less than a year ago at over $300. So I bought some and made some good cash when it hit over $200 less than a month later.

At that point, even if I resold only one share, this was the most money I ever made online…EVER…!

I know a deal when I see one. I’ve made a living doing that for years — from cars to actual real estate. The problem with those types of “investments” is that require hands-on time and continuous luck, which I do not have an excess of.

Trading stocks can now be done right from your phone. I can do it anytime. I can barely write an article anytime, so it was a good fit.

I recommend to any struggling writer/content creator to take some time and learn about basic investing and set yourself up with a brokerage account.

TD Ameritrade has a great setup that is a downloadable desktop app called Thinkorswim. It is full of educational videos and courses. I spent a few weeks early in the morning to get myself up to speed and now am trading regularly. Not a high roller by any stretch, but my skill sets are vastly improved.

I have learned enough to make a few extra dollars to offset sudden expenses that arise, which is nice.

Trading is not for everyone, it is risky. For those who are less than secure about using real money to trade, Thinkorswim has a “paper money” account that gives you $100,000 of fake money to trade with so you can practice and create good…



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