Ok, I have a few thoughts. I focus a lot of my writing on work/life balance. People often conflate the words Job and Work. We definitely need to teach people the difference so they don't focus on the wrong things.

As far as Bezos goes, you're right. He doesn't have a great incentive to have employees who want anything for themselves. If anything, his treatment should encourage his workers to do far batter for themselves.

I think what Elon was talking about was a matter of perspective. He was implying that in order to do great things, we have to be ready to sacrifice a little comfort and luxury. Those few extra hours or days now of dedication to a cause will yield great rewards.

However, I feel that those efforts are not to be traded to your job but to your work. If I were pursuing something that I believed in strongly, I would not be looking at the time clock as I went along.

I appreciate your work and I hope to read more.

Here is an article that I wrote that explains a bit of my beliefs of work:


Thanks again


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