How We’re All Addicts

The only question is “to what?”

Addiction, Addict, Dopamine addict
Great photo by Jonathan Gonzalez on Unsplash

An addiction is feeding a growing disparity that is occurring all over society. It has been called “class warfare”. The rich keep getting richer as the poor keep getting poorer.

What if I were to tell you…??

Yeah, we’ve heard those words and seen that meme way too often… The poor people are continuing to give away their money to the rich.

All people are doing these days is feeding an addiction. Some people can only think in terms of substance abuse. There is another addictive substance and it comes from good times.

Dopamine addiction can occur with anyone. Oddly enough, they aren’t too difficult to spot. How often do we see others who constantly have the newest tech, trendiest fashions, new cars or are broadcasting their “perfect life” all over the socials?

These people are addicted to the feel good, naturally occurring drug in their own brains. Who provides it to them…? Why, none other than your friendly, neighborhood corporate dealers of course.


Think about the marketing campaigns that we are exposed to daily. It is a constant barrage of “look at how happy these people are” advertisements. Now think about all of the available resources that a person has to acquire those “life bettering” goods.

If you want it, you can have it. Even without money, you can apply for credit and now the good times can just roll in.

Well now, look at that. Suddenly we have what we were shown we wanted, we’re able to purchase it instantly and now are able to show it off to the rest of the world. Feels great doesn’t it.

The new car scent always wears off as soon as the payment book arrives…

The rich have what we give them

We are a lot of poor addicts. We buy goodies with money we may or may not have. We finance items we may very well do without or could find at a better price. We live false lives in the digital world. All for what?

We have been feeding an addiction with and those who supply it are reaping a wealth benefits. All the while society is slipping further into dystopia to feed a shallow addiction, just to get a few likes.

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