What Will Monday Look Like?

When automation takes over, who will we be?

Aaron McClure
3 min readJan 16, 2022


In the movie Tomorrowland, a wondrous place exists. It is a futuristic existence filled with robots and a genius population. The people there spend their time dreaming up and creating all kinds of new innovations.

The robots are built to do all the work that they no longer need to including building construction, repairs, farming, transportation, etc. These automations provide the people with the most valuable asset available — time.

Of course this is a fiction movie, but like many great stories, it opens your mind to the possibilities. Part of this is already happening.

What would mankind do if it had built a completely automated labor force?

The subject of automation has been touched on before in my writing about how wars will be fought if AI becomes involved.

Working class people work to provide and support themselves. Their labors then contribute to and maintain the economy that supports them. Conversely, wealthy people create systems that support them.

In an automated world, mankind will have done the same thing as the wealthy. There will be systems and devices that support them all as a whole rather than individually.

Imagine your day in that world.

All homes are built, maintained, and operated for you. Your food is plucked, created, cooked, and served for you. Your transportation needs would be handled by autonomous robot cars.

The only thing you’d have is time. Time to pursue your own dreams, whatever they may be — even if they are cooking and building things.

All factories would be run at an “on-demand” basis. If the system sees that the robot cars are deteriorating, it will start up and distributes a few more units. This would then work back through the supply chain of raw material facilities, they would in turn do the same thing — run as needed.

All of this intermittent usage would greatly benefit the global health as we will not be just running manufacturing facilities to maintain payroll — ergo people’s livelihoods.

Imagine a Monday morning in that world. There would be no hell scape of a commute to navigate, no prices to worry about, no crimes of excess. We would have all we NEED.

The planetary resources would also be less taxed…

There would no longer be a system that ravages the planet’s resources just so we can have enough money to barely pay the bills. It will be good/better.

Unfortunately though, until Tomorrowland becomes today, all we can do is dream and build toward it.

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