Where Are You Going?

Who you are and who you will be matter

Aaron McClure
3 min readFeb 20


Where are you going, Who you will be
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We all dream of being something/someone. So much so that we forget to be who we are. We are so focussed on reaching the goal that we miss the game.

If we look through history we are reminded that so many “greats” were once exactly where you are — right now — nobody special.

Did Harrison Ford walk out of school and immediately turn into (insert your favorite character he played)? No, he was a carpenter until he was discovered.

Was Colonel Sanders always The Colonel? No, he had a miriad of jobs until he retired at 65 and used his Social Security income to start selling chicken (paraphrased story).

Gene Roddenberry was in the Air Force. He later became a commercial pilot and eventually went on to create Star Trek. Something that is beloved has a true legacy.

Where are you going?

The scariest thought for most people is that they can’t possibly know where their roads will lead. So instead of accepting this and absorbing the experience and letting it help form their path, they attempt to mastermind and assume control — all the while raising personal expectations and creating disappointment.

It is vital to create some sort of plan with attainable goals and structure. We’ve all heard the phrase, “a goal with no plan is just a dream”. But it’s equally important to pick up the building blocks of ourselves that will help define who we become.

Most people see where they think they want to be then look at all the obstacles and difficulties as barriers. They then throw up the white flag. Then spend an unhealthy amount of time complaining about how they will never amount to anything.

Instead what they should focus on is how this inopportune difficulty can help me grow as a person, because you never know how it can help later.

I’ve laid out how a small course correction over time is where to find happiness.



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