Who Are They, Why Do We Miss Them?

Real or presented, we only see and know a character.

Aaron McClure
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Most of us have had the luxury of that special person who brought joy and inspiration into our lives. We got to see them in-person being larger than life other times we’ve only ever seen them on screen or stage. Then one day they’re gone.

Someone once told me that your character is who you are when no one is looking. That being said, it stands to reason that almost no one knows who we really are.

Then I read that there are countless versions of yourself out there in the public eye. Meaning that you are seen in a different way by different people. For example, your parents do not see/know you the way your spouse would. Your spouse doesn’t see/know you the way your best good friend from high school does and so on.

You exist in different versions among the people you know.

The people you see and interact with are also in that same position. You see them a certain way — they are characters of themselves. This isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes these people show you a side of them they want to be and you are just comfortable enough for them to let it out.

You could also be just uncomfortable enough to help them keep a dark side hidden away even if it just for a short while.

Real or Fabricated Characters

It is no secret that I enjoy Star Trek. It is a constant in my life and I have grown up seeing its concepts explored and expanded. I have gottne to know the many characters and have learned a lot from their example.

A great number of these characters had become a form of family — people I could look to and draw inspiration and guidance. Much like a cool uncle/aunt or helpful grandparent.

With the recent strike going on in Hollywood, the new stuff isn’t going to be available for some time. So this is a good opportunity to re-watch the different series that I hadn’t seen in so long that they are completely new again.

While watching an episode of Deep Space Nine, a special character came on, and when I heard her voice, I teared up a little. It was Majel Barrett Roddenberry. She…



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