You’re Either For or Against “It”

In a polarized society, there’s no more in-between

Aaron McClure
2 min readMar 26, 2022
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It seems these days that there is no longer an in between when it comes to opinion. The go-to discussion tends to point to whose side you’re on and more importantly, whose side your against.. Society has become hyper polarized.

Now, we are making enemies over trivial differences.

Years ago while attending a pick-up truck demolition derby, the last two left were a Ford and a Chevy. For those who worship at one these alters, this would be the ultimate and final word on the debate as to which one was best — and apparently, it could only be determined by vehicular annihilation.

In the end, it had to be a draw because after 20 minutes, neither vehicle would succumb to its damages. The crowd grew bored watching them smack each other around.

What was made clear that day was that those who were “dug in” on one side or the other would not relent or concede. The other truck was always going to be a “piece of shit”, even though it endured the harshest of conditions.

There is no rationale for literally overlooking obvious evidence within any given situation.

Society can’t cure or grow with mutual respect so long as the “sides” swear allegiance against one another due to polarization. There are far too many products, sports, shows, and lifestyle choices that we enjoy.

Our personal preferences are being weaponized too often and we as a society need to start looking for the ties that bind rather than the straws that break. Being polarized has never brought people together in a good way.

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