Excellent point I wish more people would come to understand.

As a project manager I have been dealing with this concept for a long time. A lot of the higher ups only see a chart and a graph and the line has to go one way and they don't really care about what it takes to make that happen. I have a duty to both the company and to those who are actually doing the work to be cognizant of the needs of both. Then I need to find ways of getting everyone what they want. With that said, I get the privilege of reminding those who are on the frontlines and getting their hands dirty that they matter and are valued. I do everything in my power to make them know I SEE them as people and not tools. It makes an enormous impact on the quality of their work and their attitudes toward the job. I wish those who were in the meetings and board rooms would take the time to interact with their crews on a personal level. By stepping in their shoes or being with them for a little while as they do their jobs creates that connection and allows for empathy and understanding to grow.

I've written a little something that expains why we should be grateful to our workers. They deserve far more than our toleration. You can read it here:


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