Best birthday cake, decision making, Spirit guide, relationship advice
One of the best birthday cakes ever

After owning a commercial handyman business for 15 years and traveling all over creation, I have seen and done countless things. I’ve also made a lot of observations — that have led to even more insights.

If you combine my love of problem solving along with the observations and insights…

The battle is won before the first cup of tea is made

Start your day, morning routine, Sunrise
Photo from Author, Caribbean sunrise

Starting your day right puts you in charge. If you do not have control, then someone else does. I didn’t realize how I had this power until explaining it to someone on a warm Caribbean morning while watching the sunrise.

In 2019 I was working in the Caribbean on a…

What we need to do about it

Public Schools are a joke, factory jobs,
Great and relevant photo by Remy Gieling on Unsplash

It is no secret that public schools are a joke. Especially in this modern economy, they are struggling to catch up.

They are an institution that is maintained by tax dollars and a continual “bowing down” to those who decide their financial fate. It is a business — the product…

Don’t suffer through a bad marriage

Death of despair, killing, murdering spirit, bad marriage
We all have a thing we are meant to do. Sometimes we are forced away from it. Cool photo by Jie Mi on Unsplash

Let’s start off with the all too important part, we’re not talking about actual murder. No, this is about how a bad marriage can kill off the individual spirit that makes a person who they are.

Everyone has that “thing” that makes them who they are. …

Or they’ll live in a land of “make believe”

Say No, imagination, Furry, Childhood development.
Great photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Let’s imagine a magical world together. A place where you can do no wrong. Where everything is yours for the taking. Well, it wouldn’t be a place, but more of a span of time…

This time would begin at your earliest childhood and stretch all the way through your young…

This has to be said — and read

Dispensaries, Weed, Cannabis
Groovy photo by Damian Barczak on Unsplash

There is an epidemic in this country. TOO MANY PEOPLE CAN’T DEAL!! For the past few years, dispensaries have been growing like… well, weeds…

The problem with the general population is that they have once again become enabled to self medicate. All a person has to do is go to…

How much can you afford per month?

Vanity, luxury, Financing
Cool picture by Adam Watson on Unsplash

The entire world is engaged in a shortage of goods and supplies. From building supplies to new cars, everyone is essentially on a waiting list. Oddly enough, many of those goods and services revolve around feeding vanity.

One of the oddities of this economic condition is the continued “need” for…

Complaining vs. Providing a Solution

Cool photo by Santiago Lacarta on Unsplash

How often have you been involved in a meeting where someone only highlights the negative? Has this person consistently provided nothing more than criticism?

Chances are that they have.

One of the main detriments to the culture of a workplace are those select individuals that spend more than the average…

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