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One of the best birthday cakes ever

After owning a commercial handyman business for 15 years and traveling all over creation, I have seen and done countless things. I’ve also made a lot of observations — that have led to even more insights.

If you combine my love of problem solving along with the observations and insights…

Can a society live without it?

Great photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

“You’re not leaving this house looking like that!”. “We do not go out looking like that!”. Sound familiar? If so, then you come from parents who carried a strong sense of dignity.

In this modern world it is common to see countless people who look like they are not doing…

My car care tips will help your vehicle weather the storm

Car care, used car prices, new car prices
Author washing his trusty steed at approximately 400,000 miles (distance of going around the world 8 times).

As global supply chain issues continue due to the pandemic and it’s ripple effect, it’s a good idea to know your options. Like many, I too have to make concessions.

Being a handyman has been quite helpful. I know a great deal about extending the life of all things mechanical…

Aaron McClure

Project Manager, blogger, writer. I write about the struggles of adult life and how to grow as a person. Https://

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